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We can ship worldwide but not all countries are enabled on our website. If you do not see your country listed in available country list please contact us so we can quote you the shipping costs. We use different carriers depending on the destination country. The available carriers will be displayed once the destination country has been selected. We work with DHL and GLS. All carriers are reliable, fast and easy to trace. If you are not at home when the order is offered, the carrier will try to offer it again the next business day. In total, the carrier will try to offer you your order 3 times.

Delivery time

We will dispatch all orders which are placed and authorized before 15:00 hours (CET/CEST). Orders paid online will be authorized instantly. A bank transfer payment will take longer to be authorized. Once we ship your order the delivery time will depend on the selected carrier. In general DHL Express will have a transit time of 1 to 2 days, GLS will have a transit time of 2 to 4 days. Of course, if a product is not in stock we will order it for you. We receive new stock from our manufacturers weekly, usually on Mondays. If your lamp is not in stock at the time of order you can be assured that your lamp is sent on the following Monday (barring exceptions).

Shipping costs

The shipping costs will depend on the selected carrier and how many products you are ordering. The starting rate for the countries we ship to most often are:

Country Starting Rate Carrier(s)
Andorra Andorra € 25,00 DHL Express
Austria Austria € 14,50 DHL Express
Austria Austria € 8,00 GLS
Belarus Belarus € 25,00 DHL Express
Belgium Belgium € 5,00 GLS
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina € 25,00 DHL Express
Bulgaria Bulgaria € 15,00 DHL Express
Bulgaria Bulgaria € 11,00 GLS
Canada Canada € 25,00 DHL Express
Croatia Croatia € 15,00 DHL Express
Croatia Croatia € 12,00 GLS
Cyprus Cyprus € 15,00 DHL Express
Czech Republic Czech Republic € 15,00 DHL Express
Czech Republic Czech Republic € 9,00 GLS
Denmark Denmark € 12,50 DHL Express
Denmark Denmark € 8,00 GLS
Estonia Estonia € 12,50 DHL Express
Estonia Estonia € 12,00 GLS
Finland Finland € 14,50 DHL Express
Finland Finland € 8,00 GLS
France France € 12,50 DHL Express
France France € 6,50 GLS
Germany Germany € 5,00 GLS
Greece Greece € 10,00 (flat fee) DHL Express
Hungary Hungary € 15,00 DHL Express
Hungary Hungary € 12,00 GLS
Iceland Iceland € 25,00 DHL Express
Ireland Ireland € 14,50 DHL Express
Ireland Ireland € 10,00 GLS
Italy Italy € 14,50 DHL Express
Italy Italy € 8,00 GLS
Latvia Latvia € 15,00 DHL Express
Latvia Latvia € 12,00 GLS
Lithuania Lithuania € 15,00 DHL Express
Lithuania Lithuania € 12,00 GLS
Luxembourg Luxembourg € 7,00 GLS
Malta Malta € 15,00 DHL Express
Mexico Mexico € 25,00 DHL Express
Monaco Monaco € 25,00 DHL Express
The Netherlands Netherlands € 0,00 GLS
Norway Norway € 25,00 DHL Express
Poland Poland € 12,50 DHL Express
Poland Poland € 8,00 GLS
Portugal Portugal € 14,50 DHL Express
Portugal Portugal € 8,00 GLS
Romania Romania € 15,00 DHL Express
Romania Romania € 12,00 GLS
Slovakia Slovakia € 15,00 DHL Express
Slovakia Slovakia € 12,00 GLS
Slovenia Slovenia € 15,00 DHL Express
Slovenia Slovenia € 12,00 GLS
South Africa South Africa € 25,00 DHL Express
Spain Spain € 14,50 DHL Express
Spain Spain € 8,00 GLS
Sweden Sweden € 14,50 DHL Express
Sweden Sweden € 9,00 GLS
Switzerland Switzerland € 25,00 DHL Express
Turkey Turkey € 25,00 DHL Express
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates € 25,00 DHL Express
United Kingdom United Kingdom € 12,50 DHL Express
United Kingdom United Kingdom € 6,95 GLS
United States United States € 25,00 DHL Express

Track and trace

At the time we dispatch your order you will receive an e-mail with the tracking number of the shipment. This tracking number gives you the possibility to track and trace your order. You can do this through the website of the carrier used. If you have any questions during the shipping process please contact the carrier first. Do your questions remain, you can always contact us.

Incorrect address

After ordering with us you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your order. Always check the order details! If you accidentally made a mistake in your address or the ordered product is incorrect please contact us immediately by phone. After the dispatch of your order it is impossible to make any changes.

If in a later stage your address proves to be incorrect, the order will be returned to the depot of the carrier. It is possible to send the order again, but only against extra charges. Unfortunately, if you have made the mistake these costs will be passed on to you.

Drop shipments

A useful service which many of our customers use. With a drop shipment we ship your order directly to your customer. There will be no delivery note, invoice or markings from us on the shipment. Your company name is mentioned in the carriers shipping label. Your customer receives the order on your behalf and you receive the invoice from us by e-mail. In case you want to add a packing list to the order, please send it by e-mail to us at the time of the order. We provide a further decent handling.

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