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DLP DMD chip, 1024x768 pixels, model W

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New DMD chip suitable as replacement for DLP chips with part numbers 1076-6318W, 1076-6319W, 1076-6328W, 1076-6329W (1024x768 pixels).

DLP DMD chip, 1024x768 pixels, model W

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New DMD chip for use with DLP projectors that have a native resolution of 1024x768 pixels. This DMD chip measures 53x36mm (mirror size is 0.55", aspect ratio 4:3) and was commonly used in DLP projectors that were first shipped before the year 2010. To be certain if this is the chip your projector needs, it’s best to check the part number on the old/failed DMD chip. The part number should match any of these part numbers; 1076-6318W, 1076-6319W, 1076-6328W, 1076-6329W, 1076-632AW, 276P543O10, 48.87M01G001, 57.J550H.001, 57.J910Q.001, 7A.01076.D00, E-00011379. If in doubt, please contact us first before placing an order.

Additional Information

Manufacturer code(s) 1076-6318W, 1076-6319W, 1076-6328W, 1076-6329W, 276P543O10, 48.87M01G001, 57.J550H.001, 57.J910Q.001, 7A.01076.D00, E-00011379.
EAN/UPC code 0793574682917
Compatible with 3M SCP716, Acer DNX0813, Acer P1265, Acer P1266, Acer P1266i, Acer P1266P, Acer P1270, Acer P3250, Acer P5260, Acer P5260E, Acer P5260i, Acer P5270, Acer P5270 Refresh, Acer P5280, Acer QNX0910, Acer S1200, Acer S5200, Acer X1230, Acer X1230K, Acer X1230S, Acer X1235, Acer X1260, Acer X1260P, BenQ MP522ST, BenQ MP622, BenQ MP623, BenQ MP624, BenQ MP724, BenQ MP727, BenQ MP776, BenQ MP777, Dell 4610X, LG DX630, LG DX630-JD, Mitsubishi EX51U, Mitsubishi XD210U, Mitsubishi XD221U, Mitsubishi XD221U-G, Mitsubishi XD221U-ST, Mitsubishi XD250U, Mitsubishi XD250U-G, Mitsubishi XD250U-ST, Mitsubishi XD280U, Mitsubishi XD280U-G, Mitsubishi XD500U, Mitsubishi XD500U-ST, Mitsubishi XD510, Mitsubishi XD510U, Mitsubishi XD520U, Optoma DX606, Optoma DX606i, Optoma DX609, Optoma DX609i, Optoma EP726, Optoma EP726i, Optoma EP727, Optoma EP727i, Optoma EP728, Optoma EP728i, Optoma EP752, Optoma EP761, Optoma EP763, Optoma EX330, Optoma EX530, Optoma EX765, Optoma EX765W, Optoma PRO200X, Optoma TX728, Sharp XR-32X, Smart UF55, Smart UNIFI 55, ViewSonic PJD5351.
Native resolution 1024 x 768
Size 53 x 36 mm