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Panasonic ET-EMF300 filter (eco)

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Original Panasonic eco air filter, product code ET-EMF300. Suitable for the Panasonic PT-DW640, PT-DW730, PT-DW740, PT-DX610, PT-DX800, PT-DX810, PT-DZ680 and PT-DZ770.

Panasonic ET-EMF300 filter (eco)

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Proper maintenance of your projector is important to get the maximum performance from a projector lamp. With a new projector air filter you can be sure that your projector will supply the best possible cooling to the projector lamp. This Panasonic ET-EMF300 (eco) projector filter is compatible with the following models: Panasonic PT-DW640, PT-DW640E, PT-DW640EL, PT-DW640L, PT-DW640U, PT-DW640UL, PT-DW730, PT-DW730E, PT-DW730ELS, PT-DW730ES, PT-DW730LS, PT-DW730S, PT-DW730U, PT-DW730ULS, PT-DW730US, PT-DW740LS, PT-DW740S, PT-DX610, PT-DX610E, PT-DX610EL, PT-DX610ELK, PT-DX610ELS, PT-DX610L, PT-DX610U, PT-DX610UL, PT-DX610ULK, PT-DX610ULS, PT-DX800, PT-DX800E, PT-DX800EK, PT-DX800ELK, PT-DX800ELS, PT-DX800ES, PT-DX800K, PT-DX800LK, PT-DX800LS, PT-DX800S, PT-DX800U, PT-DX800UK, PT-DX800ULK, PT-DX800ULS, PT-DX800US, PT-DX810, PT-DX810E, PT-DX810EK, PT-DX810ELK, PT-DX810ELS, PT-DX810ES, PT-DX810K, PT-DX810LK, PT-DX810LS, PT-DX810S, PT-DX810U, PT-DX810UK, PT-DX810ULK, PT-DX810ULS, PT-DX810US, PT-DZ680, PT-DZ680E, PT-DZ680EL, PT-DZ680ELK, PT-DZ680ELS, PT-DZ680ES, PT-DZ680L, PT-DZ680S, PT-DZ680U, PT-DZ680UL, PT-DZ680ULK, PT-DZ680ULS, PT-DZ680US, PT-DZ770K, PT-DZ770KE, PT-DZ770KU, PT-DZ770LK, PT-DZ770LKE, PT-DZ770LKU.

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EAN/UPC code 0793574681170
Manufacturer code(s) ET-EMF300
Packaging content 1 piece