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  1. Sanyo/Eiki CXZR projector remote control

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    Learn More Compatible remote control CXZR / 645-099-3213 for Sanyo / Eiki projectors (see detailed description for model list), measurements 52 x 111mm.
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    Learn More Original projector lamp module (including housing) for the SANYO PLC-WK2500, lamp code POA-LMP142 / 610-349-7518.
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    Learn More QualityLamp projector lamp including housing suitable for the SANYO PLC-WK2500 projector, replacing lamp code POA-LMP142 / 610-349-7518. Our QualityLamp projector lamp has an original Philips, Osram, Ushio or Phoenix bulb inside which guarantees excellent performance.
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    Learn More Original bulb only (without housing) for the SANYO PLC-WK2500. This original bulb only has to be installed in the existing housing of the old projector lamp, lamp code POA-LMP142 / 610-349-7518.