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BL-FP190E / SP.8VH01GC01 - Projector Lamp Module

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This projector lamp is known under the following lamp codes: BL-FP190E / SP.8VH01GC01, MC.JH111.001, 725-BBCV D4J03, NP36LP 100014091, BL-FP190D / SP.73701GC01, MC.JN811.001, BL-FP195B / SP.79C01GC01, SP-LAMP-100 and fits in the following projectors: OPTOMA BR323, OPTOMA DX346, OPTOMA W316, OPTOMA X316, OPTOMA BR326, OPTOMA S316, OPTOMA HD141X, OPTOMA EH200ST, OPTOMA HD26, ACER H5380BD, OPTOMA DX345, OPTOMA W300, OPTOMA S315, OPTOMA DS346, OPTOMA X315, ACER P1283, ACER P1383W, ACER X113H, ACER X113PH, ACER X1383WH, OPTOMA DH1008, OPTOMA DH1009, OPTOMA GT1070X, ACER X123PH, ACER X133PWH, DELL 1220, OPTOMA DW333, NEC NP-V302W, NEC NP-V302X, NEC V302W, NEC V302X, OPTOMA S310e, OPTOMA S310x, OPTOMA W312, OPTOMA X312, OPTOMA W310, OPTOMA GT1080, OPTOMA DX342, OPTOMA DS345, OPTOMA DS340e, OPTOMA GT1070Xe, OPTOMA GT1080E, OPTOMA H182X, OPTOMA VDHDNL, OPTOMA VDGTGZBZ, OPTOMA DAESSGL, OPTOMA DAEXSGL, OPTOMA DAEXSGU, OPTOMA DAESSGZe, OPTOMA DAESSGN, ACER D1P1532, ACER H6517ABD, ACER X115, ACER X115AH, ACER X115H, ACER DSV1523, ACER X117, ACER X117AH, ACER X117H, ACER X125H, ACER DNX1522, ACER X135WH, ACER DWX1521, ACER H7P1320, OPTOMA H112e, OPTOMA DW346, ACER DWX1305, ACER DWX1402, OPTOMA DS344, OPTOMA GT1080DARBEE, OPTOMA HD26B, OPTOMA HD26BR, OPTOMA HD421X, INFOCUS IN119HDxa, ACER DNX1303, ACER DSV1340, ACER DNX1401.
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High quality UHR projector lamp including housing. We buy our projector lamps directly from a listed Taiwanese manufacturer specialized in the production of projector lamps. The lamp manufacturing complies with the ISO9001 standards. Reliable and economically an attractive alternative with proven high quality over the years.

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Lamp Wattage (W) 190