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Warranty Warranty


We sell various projector lamp options on our website which are covered by different warranty periods, in general:

  • Original modules are covered by a 3 months warranty period,
  • "QualityLamp" modules are covered by a 4 months warranty period,
  • Projector lamp modules are covered by a 4 months warranty period,
  • Original bulbs are covered by a 3 months warranty period.

If your projector lamp fails within this period please contact us. Note that we will require the details of the failure to make sure that the lamp is indeed faulty because not all failures will be related to the projector lamp.

Return policy

You want to return or exchange your order? We keep the following rules.

You have ordered the wrong product:
  • If you have ordered the wrong product you can use our return procedure. Please let us know if you wish return the product for a refund or if you wish to replace the product for the correct product in which case we will make you an offer.
You have received the wrong product:
  • After receiving your shipment please check its contents. If we've made a mistake and supplied you a wrong product please report this to us as soon as possible. We make sure our mistake is restored.
Your shipment has been damaged during shipment:
  • Sometimes it happens that a parcel is damaged during transportation. In such cases always ask the courier to make a note of the damage in his system. You can open the package and see if the product has been damaged. Our projector lamps are specially packed and can therefore take a bump so it could be that the lamp itself is undamaged. If you are uncertain please contact us as soon as possible. We will advise you what to do.
Your projector lamp does not work:
  • Please always contact us first. We will discuss a number of possible causes with you. For example did you reset the lamp hour timer of your projector? Does the projector display an error message? Does the projector start up at all or is it immediately switched off? Etc. If after this conversation no obvious cause can be found why the projector lamp is not working we will replace the projector lamp for you. You return the lamp at your own cost to us. After receiving we directly send you a new projector lamp, if the replacement lamp is in stock.

    Does the same issue occur again then there is a good chance that something is wrong with your projector. In such case you can choose to get your projector serviced. If it appears that a repair is no longer possible or too expensive we offer you to send us back the projector lamp. In these cases we will issue a refund minus 20% of the invoice amount to cover our own expenses. Please follow our return procedure.
The projector itself is faulty:
  • You have purchased a projector lamp but in the end your projector appears to be faulty. In this case we offer you to return us the projector lamp. We will issue a refund minus 20% of the invoice amount to cover our own expenses. The remaining funds will be credited to you. Please follow our return procedure.

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